A safe return to the office is on the forefront of everyone’s mind.
We are here to help offer advice and support to return your staff to the office safely.

After a global disruption that we have all experienced there is a need for a clear and decisive strategy for business leaders to begin to return staff back to the office, assuring them they are safe & their health & wellbeing is a priority in the office environment.

Our approach will look at the return transition from a practical, physical, mental, social & an emotional point of view. Here are some tips that form the basis for the support we are providing businesses to get return ready.

Consider the working space you have.
Re-space plan your office & establish flexible working:
  • Remote work options
  • Alternate shifts of A/B team schedules
  • Phase employees’ return to work in stages
Clearly document flexible space usage:
  • Assign seats and storage for individuals
  • Dedicate meeting spaces and neighbourhoods for teams
Other areas within your space.
Change how meeting rooms work:
  • Consider repurposing meeting rooms to desk space
  • Reduce meeting participants
  • Utilise technology more
Use technology:
  • Meetings can still have the right number of participants, you may just need to video conference two rooms at once
  • Ensure touch panels are regularly cleaned
Moving around your space.
Getting from A to B:
  • Enforce a one-way system where possible
  • Stay to the left in corridors and between desks
  • Stay alert – don’t walk whilst on your phone
One at a time:
  • Toilets should be used on a one in one out regime
  • Tea points should be used one at a time
  • Make your own food and drink
Homeworking is now more part of the office environment
Stay connected with your staff:
  • Provide more opportunities to collaborate through Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams
  • Introduce space for VC opportunities
  • Mobile screens to bring staff into the space
  • Morning scrums are now essential to not lose touch
  • Face to face time isn’t just for shop talk, emotional connectivity is more important when remote
Enhance what you have.
Furniture Solutions & technology:
  • Perspex screens for desks
  • Disposable desk mats
  • Power poles for working away from desks
  • Moveable space dividers
  • Mobile vc units to connect homeworkers
  • Floor standing screens for changing space usage
  • Mobile units to keep a distance whilst collaborating
Health & cleanliness.
Direct staff safety & support:
  • Supply your staff with disposable face masks
  • Screen staff temperatures upon arrival
  • Supply hand sanitiser stations
Promote good habits:
  • Implement daily cleaning & sterilisation protocols
  • Post visible reminders to wash hands
  • Supply hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes
  • Provide personal mugs, water bottles and dishwashers with Sani-wash cycles
Support from our print partners
Reminders & guidance:
  • Hand sanitiser guidance
  • Social distancing reminders
  • Company policies
  • Support pamphlets
  • Taping out floors showing 2m spaces
  • Countertop sneeze guards for reception and cafes
  • Vinyl floor stickers for waiting points
  • Roll up banners
  • Mirror stickers
Furniture related:
  • Disposable desk mats
Download our hand wash sheet sample
Planning office layouts & changes:
  • Maximise daylight & exterior views where possible
  • Keep fresh air flowing
  • Specify fabric and finishes with antimicrobial properties
Add touchless tech & future furniture:
  • Doors, lighting, elevators, security systems
  • Audio/visual equipment
  • Height-adjustable tables, task lights
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