Here to help in more ways than one

Taking part

We love to take part. Trek across the Sahara, no problem. Tough Mudder, we're in. Colour Run, easy. The team are passionate about raising money for those that need it.

Local support

For our 2019/20 raising year the foundation is donating to Surrey Search & Rescue. They are a 100% voluntary specialist search team which helps the emergency services find missing vulnerable adults and children. We are on-call 24 hours a day, with a team of 50+ people and 8 Search Dogs to respond across Surrey and surrounding areas. Over 2100 people go missing in Surrey every year. Even if a callout comes at 3am we aim to respond as quickly as possible and minimise the time that the missing person is trapped outdoors.

Read More About Them Here

We wear this with pride

The FSL pin represents our brand & our core values. Wearing it helps build our corporate identity, defining us as an organisation that is proud of all we do.

This little pin allows the brand to be clearly seen in and out of the office, during social or business functions. You and your colleagues are our greatest asset and our biggest advocates of all that we do for our suppliers, clients, charities and one another.