We have achieved our ISO 45001 certification

& it is a huge benefit to all of current and present customers & staff.

Benefits of using ISO 45001
An ISO 45001 based OH&S management system will enable an organisation to improve its OH&S performance by:

Developing and implementing an OH&S policy and OH&S objectives

Establishing systematic processes which consider its “context” and which take into account its risks and opportunities, and its legal and other requirements

Determining the hazards and OH&S risks associated with its activities; seeking to eliminate them, or putting in controls to minimize their potential effects

Establishing operational controls to manage its OH&S risks and its legal and other requirements

Increasing awareness of its OH&S risks

Evaluating its OH&S performance and seeking to improve it, through taking appropriate actions

Ensuring workers take an active role in OH&S matters
In combination, these measures will ensure that an organisation’s reputation as a safe place to work will be promoted, and can have more direct benefits, such as:

Improving its ability to respond to regulatory compliance issues

Reducing the overall costs of incidents

Reducing downtime and the costs of disruption to operations

Reducing the cost of insurance premiums

Reducing absenteeism and employee turnover rates

Recognition for having achieved an international benchmark (which may in turn influence customers who are concerned about their social responsibilities)

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The big come back: forward thinking offices are about to change forever

Read about the likely changes we will see in offices following the majority of the workforce working from home.
Covid 19 (if you haven’t heard of it by now…) has now forced the majority of the UK workforce to work from home, if they can.

Interestingly, before we were hit with this crazy pandemic, things were kind of going that way anyway. Statistics show that there has been a 74% jump in the amount of people working from their own home between 2008 and 2018. Entrepreneurs and startups are increasingly based online, and therefore, are growing at home and in coffee shops across the country. Then there’s the flexible workers, the remote workers, freelancers. Businesses are recognising that a worker doesn’t have to be present in the office, to provide the best results.

Regardless of how long you have been working from home, the fact is that as soon as those offices open again for business, things are going to be different. Or at least, they should be. They kind of have to be, actually. When we return to our offices, we will have been working from home for quite some time. Expectations will be different all round. Agile working practises are certainly a way to embrace this new desire for change.

Let’s take a closer look at the changes that happen when you work from home, and how that can be reflected in an agile office environment:

Technology is king
The latest technology makes working so much easier than ever before.

You can conference call, have a team meeting on a messaging app or virtual-meeting software. You can use social media to meet and organise meetings.

There are project management apps for milestones and messaging, calendars and shared information. Collaboration at home is so easy.

This can all be reflected in the office, with additions made to allow face to face meetings if that works the best. Inviting breakout areas, meeting zones or brainstorming zones work well. Glass walls and partitions can help connect people whilst zoning the space.

Technology connects you in more ways than ever before.

Autonomy to some degree
Working from home you are able to work where and how you know best.

People are a bit bored of neutrality and Scandi-minimalism, and that fatigue is reflected in the bright and popping office colour palette of 2020.

In an agile workplace, you can follow your instincts with this too, if the facilities and flexibility are there for you to do that. Agile working means being given everything you need to get the work done, including the freedom to work in the way you feel works best.

Health & wellbeing
Our homes are a space we have cultivated to suit our physical and emotional needs.

The window seat with blankets and books for those times your brain needs a break. The spa bathroom with a waterfall shower to pummel aching muscles. The snazzy coffee machine in the kitchen because you don’t form words until you’ve had that first cup of the good stuff in the morning.

You’ve been in that snuggly, warm womb of a workspace for the entire time isolation lasts. Only to go back to an office where none of those needs are met. A recipe for disaster? Too right. Agile offices need to start providing facilities for their employees that boost their health. From plants to beanbags, free fresh fruit and helpful events, employees need to feel supported in work in the same way they feel supported at home.

Commuting will always be rubbish
Commutes are one of the greatest bugbears of office workers.

Aren’t they hideous? They can take hours of sweaty, crammed public transport. Or if you’re lucky, hours stuck in traffic in your car.

Working from home removes that commute which can mean you’re gifted with extra time at home. More time to spend with your family, more time to enjoy your life. On your return to work, having to deal with the commute again is going to be awful. An agile office might offer various ways to overcome that commute angst, such as:

● Enabling you to work different hours, at least sometimes, means you get to avoid rush hour
● Remote working means you don’t have to commute at all on the days you can work from home
● How about work has cycles for use whenever you want to enjoy an eco-friendly ride to work?
● How about car-sharing for a commute that’s more fun?

Keep the good
Flexibility, hold on to it.

The virus has forced businesses to be imaginative, creative and adaptable when it comes to working around change. It’s forced everybody to be more fluid in how, where and why they work at any one time.

This fluidity is an essential part of an agile office and it should be treasured. It means problem solving creatively, and having the tools, the gusto and the skills to solve those problems quickly.

Workers and employers can take this amazing flexibility learnt and utilised throughout this crisis, and apply it to future operations and processes.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

Albert Einstein

The above are just some examples of ways in which working from home has paved the way for a new world in the office. Expectations are different now, and companies will be expected to have an agile working environment, in some respects at least.

The time for office transformations is now. And now is the time to start asking yourself, how will your workplace change for the better when you return?

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    To our clients, partners, staff, friends & family

    Our goal, collectively is to keep ourselves safe from the COVID-19 virus as well as maintaining our mental health and protecting the resources of the NHS in the UK and health services across the Globe.
    Be assured all FSL businesses remain open & are fully operational with our teams successfully working from home; communicating & collaborating with all the tools that are part of our digital infrastructure. We are embracing this challenge whilst maintaining the highest possible safety practices. Keep safe and healthy and look after each other.
    Home working
    It’s about discipline & mental health

    There are lots tools online that are being shared about how best to master working from home. Making sure you have a routine, you are strict with physical and mental boundaries etc, etc. Here at FSL we are actively encouraging our teams and individuals to adapt to their changing environment.

    We are using a number of tools to make sure no one team member feels isolated or out of the loop. Regular scrums are taking place every day with regular catch ups throughout the day.

    As a business there is no pressure on our staff, we are all individually facing our own way of handling this historic Global event.

    Embracing technology
    Staying connected with our co-workers, clients and business infrastructure

    Where would be without Microsoft Teams? The FSL’ers are staying connected internally with Teams video chat, keeping our projects on target with Planner and continuing with client meetings and collaborations with Zoom. We are particular fans of the studio background we can create with a Zoom backdrop. Sadly we can’t do much with those funny faces we see each morning!

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      CDW ’19

      Clerkenwell design week…what better way to look out for new ideas, trends and inspiration.

      Its very easy as a designer spending everyday in and out of meetings to get set in your comfort zone and use product that you know have worked for you in the past.

      Clerkenwell design week encourages designers to explore everything from the big items to the smaller things that get missed out till the last minute. Having a day or two out of the office with your colleges to explore these things gives you a better perspective of who they are as designers a what they can bring to the table. We all got to get inspiration outside the confinements of google and Pinterest and got ahead of the game by seeing and testing products that still had not been released to the public.

      Showroom highlight

      We started our day going through all the furniture showrooms and ended up in Frovi where they had displayed their very new range Colony which had not yet been released. A beautiful display of agile working, in a time where people need it the most. With a few amendments you can create a lounge into a meeting room or office, perfect for any open plan area.

      Visit Frovi's website
      Biophilic design
      Ocee Design

      In a time where plants and retro furniture are the hype of design. Ocee has perfected these small items of furniture for any teapoint or collaboration area by bringing small bursts of colour into the space.

      Visit Ocee Design
      Featured at Fabric

      Lighting is one of the most important things in a room and it’s the one thing that is so commonly pushed to the side till the very last minute. I must admit as a designer there have been times that I’ve left my lighting design till the very end of a project and struggled to find the absolute best solutions.

      The Lighting exhibition that had taken place in the very popular nightclub fabric was one for the books. You didn’t need to be a designer to appreciate what was displayed, everywhere you looked there was a product for someone or somewhere.

      See the scrap lights here

      Clerkenwell isn’t just about new products in the market, it’s also about refreshing your memory on existing products and finding cheaper alternatives to things that you like. It’s a time where all designers come together and make new connections.

      Welcome to the Group

      We have changed, we are now a group. Our group structure has been created to simplify our client offering & align the culture & values across all of our business disciplines.

      Our group of companies combines our unique skills & common desire to succeed to help bring workplaces to life for businesses & the users of their new environments. Our collective goal is to create interactions that emphasise your brand, accelerate your culture & incubate productivity through well-being & a passion for the job at hand.

      The FSL Group creation serves as an exciting step for our business, it’s a
      shared commitment to continue delivering exceptional to our clients.

      Simon Vaughan, Managing Director, FSL Group

      Our comprehensive service offering includes workplace design & fit-out, detail, build & traditional fit-out, workplace consultancy, commercial furniture solutions & move management.