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Whilst every office within a certain sector is not the same, it's fair to say there are a number of similarities of what maybe required within the general office design & fit-out infrastructure.
When considering your new office fit-out or in-situ revamp we believe it is worth considering what other trends are being adopted in your sector. In our experience we believe the following interior elements should be considered.
Sector similarity, No. 1


For any business, presenting your staff, services and premises in a professional manner is essential to the mindset of your colleagues and the impression of your clients. Creating that has that vital first and then long lasting impact is key.

Our design team works closely with your brand, our knowledge of trends and a careful selection of materials to create the perfect environment to work & grow.
Sector similarity, No. 2

Space to work,
meet & consult

Approaching client meetings with sensitivity and privacy whilst also opening up meeting rooms back of house to speed those meetings up are all requirements for your office.

As workplace specialists we can help identify where you can save space to increase collaboration areas or just simply to reduce rental overheads
Sector similarity, No. 3

Embracing technology

An advanced office is a modern space that is utilising all possible technologies to enhance current working practises and possibilities. Cable management, communication rooms, supported networking systems, cloud and audio-visual systems and more, can free up employees to work more efficiently and productively.

In addition, technology can actively enhance communication and employee humanity.
Sector similarity, No. 4

Space to focus

Creating a workspace that has space to focus needn’t mean one person takes an entire meeting room or needs a permanent office. Solutions such as these fully powered and air conditioned “Framery” units are just one example of a space to go for the confidential client call or study.

Our furniture solutions experts are able to work closely with our designers and fit-out experts to provide a solution that will work specifically for you and your business.
Sector similarity, No. 5


You will want to ensure your team are provided the most emotionally and socially nutritious environment possible. Supporting that environment with furniture that is ergonomic in design, carefully designed lighting and sound-proofing ensures that employee physical health is also supported. Work related stress and mental illnesses now account for over half of lost working days in the UK.

A healthy workplace supports the physical, mental and social well being of the staff who work within it.
Sector similarity, No. 6

Light & sound

The look, feel and practical use of a space can be totally transformed with the right lighting. The acoustics of a space can also transform its feel and use, particularly if noise pollution is an issue and a noise reduction could enhance the quality of that particular area.

Lighting is transformative in decor, and it is no different with office decor. Effective LUX are essential to any fit-out, out in-house specialist will ensure the right lighting is specified for your needs.
Sector similarity, No. 7

Furniture Solutions

Trends come and go. At the moment along with more colourful upholstery, furniture will have softer lines and curved accents. This plays nicely into the fluidity and flow naturally provided by agile working spaces taking centre stage in many offices we are delivering.

Along with desking and seating styles we understand the need for extensive storage in your offices, whether it be an inhouse library or roller racking for client files, we’ve got you covered.

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This is BP Collins

We are delighted be delivering the design and interior fit-out for BP Collins, ready for their move in the summer of 2020. This space is an agile work environment that will be a large departure for the firm.
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