Find out why branding matters, especially when it comes to your office and how you inspire your staff.

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Branding means marketing your company using a wide variety of practises such as logos, colour schemes, symbols and tone of voice to differentiate your business from others.

Branding is important because it enables your brand to be remembered by all who interact with it in some way. It also tells the story of who your business is, what you stand for and what you offer. Good branding helps you standout from competitors, ensuring you are perceived in the way you truly want to be.

One area that many businesses miss the mark with when it comes to branding, is in their office decor. The focus of brand strength goes outwards, and the powerhouse where the ideas and inspiration, creativity and growth begin, is forgotten.

It’s not just for the “big boys”
Branding is about culture & connectivity

Anybody who has been to the Google or Facebook offices knows that there is a strong brand presence throughout, from the colour schemes and activity based working areas, to the culture of providing free food and drinks to staff.

There is huge attention to detail and that is what makes the leading brands stand out. These companies understand exactly how important the office decor is to those working in that environment, and those visiting that environment to potentially do big business.

Take a look around. Is your office currently somewhere positively oozing with your brand? Do you feel inspired when you walk around your building? Do you know for sure that any employee or potential client walking in instantly gets a strong overview of your company values without having to do anything but look around?

Find out why branding matters, especially when it comes to your office and how you inspire your staff.

Your Office Shouldn’t Just be Where You Are, But Who You Are
In the office you expect big ideas to be born.

You expect amazing business deals to be made. You expect staff to work hard and feel inspired by the company. They won’t get that from a few pot plants and some nice furniture to sit on. A branded work environment is a great way to create a visual representation of who you are so that anyone who walks through those doors gets a complete picture of your business.

Your office is more than a place, it is a helm and a hotbed of exciting ideas and growth. Show your imagination and aspirations for the future of the brand with all aspects of the office, from scent to sound, visuals to verbal – attention to detail in office decor will only reflect what matters to the business.

Office Branding Matters To Employees
These days, more than 1.54 million people work remotely from home.

Candidates no longer need to be local and can essentially be anywhere on the globe. That is fantastic for you looking for the best talent in the industry, but it also means more competition for your business as the best candidates can work for anyone they want to across the globe.

To be a more attractive prospect you can’t simply offer more money these days. Statistics tell us that the top priority for potential employees is career development and learning. The second priority though, is the organisation culture and work environment. To inspire the best talent to work for you, a fantastic branded environment to work in is a really great starting point.

Brand Consistency Should Begin In Your Office
Nearly 100% of consumers search for local businesses online, so it makes sense that increasing online presence is a priority for most companies.

However, that doesn’t mean that the physical space your company works in should be ignored. Your brand image and tone should be reflected in your office design. A workspace consultant can work with your business to creatively and effectively incorporate all aspects of your brand into your office space. It shouldn’t simply be a visual makeover, but rather, a refit that encompasses the past, present and future of the brand, nurturing the kind of culture and environment you truly feel reflects your brand and its values.

Inspiring Your Workforce To Drive The Brand Forward
At the very least, a comfortable and healthy work environment is important for employees.

A recent study told us that a massive 87% of workers would like a healthier workspace, including ergonomic seating. Employee productivity and creativity can also be deeply enhanced by an inspiring environment. You can find out more in this interesting article by Harvard Business, which looks in detail at the affect of a working environment on an employee. Data they look at, amongst many interesting finds, suggests that rather than reducing square footage that is wasted, companies are better off reworking the space. Creating an inspirational branded workspace will provide a strong base for employees to drive your brand forward.

“How do you change the world? Bring people together. Where is the easiest big place to bring people together? In the work environment.”
Adam Neumann

Branding in the work environment is an essential factor to consider when you plan your next office-refit. Speak to a workplace consultant who knows how to make your office decor truly represent your business in the way that it works, and looks. With an educated and experienced insight, the right office branding can enhance brand consistency, employee creativity and business growth.

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