Find out the five key 2020 office trends to get ready for the exciting year ahead.
Towards the end of the year, businesses often reflect, and then look ahead at what can be achieved in the upcoming 365 days of brand-new exciting opportunities.

Part of forecasting your business potential involves your working environment and understanding how it can be improved in regard to productivity, employee health and company culture. To inspire you, take a look at the five key office trends of 2020:

Number one
Fashion – cafe culture lands in the workplace

A true fashion trend to look out for in offices in 2020 is the reflection of coffee culture within the working space. The value of the coffee industry is over 17 billion, and 80% of those who enjoy coffee shops visit them at least once a week, with 16% visiting once a day.

 Coffee has always had a place in the office but, in 2020, the coffee culture sweeping the UK will find its way into the workplace too. At the very least, employees expect better quality coffee than the watery offerings of an old dispenser, or the chalky granules of a cheap instant. At the most, mini coffee chain outlets are working their way into buildings, and in some instances, artisan coffee stations and even coffee shop working spaces will not be surprising additions to see in 2020 professional buildings.

Number two
Colour – bye bye neutral hello brights

People are a bit bored of neutrality and Scandi-minimalism, and that fatigue is reflected in the bright and popping office colour palette of 2020.

You can see that change straight away in the highly textured colourful fabrics being used in office soft furnishings and upholstery. Patterns and tones are playful and exciting, with mint, creamy blues, ambers and peachy pinks all making a strong appearance. Coral is also making a strong comeback for braver designers.

Natural tones provided by living plants comes with the continued wave of biophilia popularity. The trend is less plant walls and more dangling hanging plants like string of hearts and string of pearls suspended from the ceiling or on shelves. This natural trend extends further into patterns to be seen in the more playful office, such as exotic leaf prints.

Image Sii Offices – Nantes

Number three
Furniture – 2020 looks soft & sustainable

Geometric shapes and patterns have been on trend in both the home and office for quite a while, and although that trend hasn’t totally died off, in furniture, it’s been pushed aside to make space for curves. Along with more colourful upholstery, the furniture will have softer lines and curved accents. This plays nicely into the fluidity and flow naturally provided by agile working spaces taking centre stage next year.

When it comes to the build of office furniture, sustainability is at the forefront of priorities for both businesses and manufacturers. Businesses want eco-credentials to let customers know that they care about the environment. 88% of consumers want you to help them make a difference, which is why they want to support brands who are ‘doing their bit’.

Sustainable design is key in 2020 and it can mean including less non-recyclable materials being used in fit-outs, more sustainable materials being used such as cork flooring, as well as talking spaces presenting a greener brand overall. So, instead of a natural veneer, furniture and office materials will have deeper green kudos and build.

Image of Radiology Partners Offices – El Segundo

Number four
Ways of working – collaboration is key

Conscious co-working is another way to describe agile workspaces, or activity based working and it is going to be seen everywhere in 2020. Co-working involves well-designed zones and areas that encourage collaboration and teamwork, as well as focus areas and solo working spaces. You can also expect designated desks to be out, and instead, a wide variety of seated and standing options to use how and when you want to depending on the work that needs doing.

Companies will also make the most out of outdoor spaces, recognising the regenerative benefits of being outdoors and having access to a natural space. Did you know that science confirms that creativity can be directly improved by access to the outdoors? Office design consultants will increasingly see requests made for hardwearing outdoor furniture and outdoor spaces that can work for business use all year round.

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Number 5
Technology – smart learning & smart buildings

There will be a sharp rise in remote and flexible working in 2020. Technology like laptops, global servers, video calls and teamwork apps all provide the ability for company employees to work together, from anywhere in the world. Offices are likely to have video-call and digital conference capabilities built-in to meeting areas. As it stands, around 70% of the global workforce work remotely at least once a week and realistically, that means the competition for the best employee talent is higher than ever. Integrated online learning systems are likely to rise in popularity as employees expect to grow within their role, otherwise, they can easily seek new work remotely.

Smart buildings are also set to take offices by storm as AI takes centre stage. Sensors and integrated technologies will help with energy management, security, space use optimization, wellbeing, collaboration, productivity, ergonomics and more. There’s some clever tech on the way to forward thinking businesses in 2020.

In summary
How will your office work in 2020?

As this year draws to a close and your thoughts drift towards your 2020 office design, it makes sense to recognise all the ways your business can benefit from the exciting design innovation on its way. Could your company benefit from biophilia? How about some beautiful textured bright fabrics or tropical patterned walls? Do you need to be more agile? There’s a lot to think about. If you’d like some expert help, consider getting in touch with an experienced office design consultant who will be able to design and re-fit your office based on your specific business needs. It could be exactly what your company needs to achieve better productivity, creativity and wellness in 2020.

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