We spend a huge chunk of our lives sat at our desks, the time there is reducing for some, but not all. So we asked some end users ‘what annoys you about your work environment?’. Here’s what they said…

Too cramped

Definitely a big one, this. But the problem wasn’t really that the desk itself was too small, but rather there was too much stuff everywhere due to a lack of storage space. Our desks have specially designed storage units that are a perfect place to keep your work bits and bobs while staying well out the way of the task at hand. And if you need that bit extra room, why not consider a monitor arm to get that up off the surface? And since our desks come with cable management systems, you won’t have to worry about a spaghetti nightmare of cables making your space feel more cluttered than it really is.

Make you ache

We’re not built for sitting at a desk all day. Lots of people report having trouble with their necks and backs after being sat at their desks for long periods. Sit & Stand desks are seeing a huge swell in popularity in the past couple of years, as they allow you to spend some of your work time standing, which not only reduces aches and pains but burns more calories, reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases and decreases those afternoon feelings of lethargy and sleepiness we all feel.

No privacy

Despite it having been shown to decrease productivity, we all accept that open-plan workspaces are here to stay. But working right on top of your colleagues can leave people feeling uncomfortable and can increase stress levels. You can get the best of both worlds with our desk-mounted privacy screens and lockable storage, which gives employees the sense of their own private space while still keeping the flexibility of an open plan office environment.