You need to know about these key components of an innovative office fit-out to guarantee a design that truly works for your business needs.
An office fit-out is both an exciting and stressful event to organise. There’s a lot to think about, first and foremost ensuring that the results are ultimately worth the budget spent, and worth any disruption to day to day business.

Choosing the right company to design and fit the new office can make the process much easier. A forward-thinking business will make the process extremely convenient and most importantly, they will collaborate with you to ensure that the most important aspects of the fit-out are fulfilled. To get a head start on exactly what your workspace consultant will focus on, take a look at the key components of a transformative office fit-out:

Activity based working
Agile is a forward-thinking way to work. 70% of studies suggest there is a positive effect on productivity and workplace performance with ABW compared to standard office layouts.

Any forward-thinking workspace consultant has their eye on activity based working styles, because they offer the opportunity for businesses to enjoy a more dynamic and effective working environment. The basic principle is that any employee does not have their own desk, but rather the office has various innovative workspaces for any employee to use depending on how and where they want to work. Each employee has total autonomy over finding the best workspace for their task whether it is collaborative or independent.

Workplace wellbeing
A healthy workplace supports the physical, mental and social well being of the staff who work within it.

Work related stress and mental illnesses now account for over half of lost working days in the UK. Work related musko-skeletal disorders are also a huge problem, with over 35% of all work related illnesses being MRMSD and 24% of work related absences being because of MRMSD. So on a practical level, there’s a huge reason for any business to place emphasis on the workspace they provide being a healthy one for employees. In addition, any brand who truly appreciates their employees wants to ensure they are providing the most emotionally and socially nutritious environment possible for each and every member of staff. Supporting that environment with furniture that is ergonomic in design, carefully designed lighting and sound-proofing ensures that employee physical health is also supported.

Embracing technology
An advanced office is a modern space that is utilising all possible technologies to enhance current working practises and possibilities.

Cable management, communication rooms, supported networking systems, cloud and audio-visual systems and more, can free up employees to work more efficiently and productively. In addition, technology can actively enhance communication and employee humanity. Take a look at this interesting Forbes article about how technology can transform workspace humanity for a deeper insight into how tech can facilitate a better workspace for employees.

Bringing the outside in
Plants in office decor have been in style for quite a while.

Outdoors inside decor stems from a greater eco-consciousness and health consciousness across the board, as style and decoration reflects societies greater awareness of the deepest human and environmental needs. In many basic re-fits, this addition of decorative plants is often highly simplistic and treats plants like ornaments. Whilst plants are aesthetically pleasing, it is a deeper connection to health and nature that is recognised by savvy workspace consultants who understand the true benefits of using plants in workspace design.

Did you know some of the key benefits of using plants in workspace design are: Plants naturally clean VOCs and other indoor air pollutants, Seeing ‘nature’ in some shape or form is known to make humans happier & just one plant in the office can reduce stress in the workplace by up to 60%.

Plants and living office design features are an intelligent addition to an agile fit-out.

Lighting, acoustics & functional furniture
Lighting is transformative in decor, and it is no different with office decor.

The look, feel and practical use of a space can be totally transformed with the right lighting. The acoustics of a space can also transform its feel and use, particularly if noise pollution is an issue and a noise reduction could enhance the quality of that particular area.

Furniture should always be beautiful and fit in with the visual theme of the business and branding. It can be easy to think that to have ergonomic, functional furniture, you have to sacrifice the looks. This isn’t the case. The most experienced workspace consultants will be able to source exactly the kind of furniture that your business needs to suit both aesthetic and functional requirements. There really is no compromise with agile office design.

Talking spaces
Talking spaces are spaces that say everything you want them to say about your brand to ensure that employees are able to live and breathe your business mission statement, values and visions each and every day.

Talking spaces spark conversation and thoughts, creativity and inspiration with employees and any visiting clients, who can see exactly what you’re about without having to ask a single question.

“An approach to getting work done with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints.” – Unilever

The above key components of a truly innovative office design should be at the forefront of any truly forward-thinking office fit-out company. By investing in an agile office that is beautiful, inspiring and functional, you’re investing in a more productive, happy and healthy future for your business.

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