Clerkenwell design week…what better way to look out for new ideas, trends and inspiration.

Its very easy as a designer spending everyday in and out of meetings to get set in your comfort zone and use product that you know have worked for you in the past.

Clerkenwell design week encourages designers to explore everything from the big items to the smaller things that get missed out till the last minute. Having a day or two out of the office with your colleges to explore these things gives you a better perspective of who they are as designers a what they can bring to the table. We all got to get inspiration outside the confinements of google and Pinterest and got ahead of the game by seeing and testing products that still had not been released to the public.

Showroom highlight

We started our day going through all the furniture showrooms and ended up in Frovi where they had displayed their very new range Colony which had not yet been released. A beautiful display of agile working, in a time where people need it the most. With a few amendments you can create a lounge into a meeting room or office, perfect for any open plan area.

Visit Frovi's website
Biophilic design
Ocee Design

In a time where plants and retro furniture are the hype of design. Ocee has perfected these small items of furniture for any teapoint or collaboration area by bringing small bursts of colour into the space.

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Featured at Fabric

Lighting is one of the most important things in a room and it’s the one thing that is so commonly pushed to the side till the very last minute. I must admit as a designer there have been times that I’ve left my lighting design till the very end of a project and struggled to find the absolute best solutions.

The Lighting exhibition that had taken place in the very popular nightclub fabric was one for the books. You didn’t need to be a designer to appreciate what was displayed, everywhere you looked there was a product for someone or somewhere.

See the scrap lights here

Clerkenwell isn’t just about new products in the market, it’s also about refreshing your memory on existing products and finding cheaper alternatives to things that you like. It’s a time where all designers come together and make new connections.