Brief overview

Porsche GB Headquarters in Reading needed a new approach to their central atrium space because it was unused. After spending time with the Reading based teams to understand how we could use the space it was decided to introduce a coffee shop, lounge seating and lounge space.

The central feature of the space is the Lincoln Walnut bespoke wall that supports a four metre wide, lit Porsche sign with the latest vehicle placed in front of it. In addition to the wall the entrance space is walled with curved light boxes to give them impression of a 911 & Taycan racing towards the atrium, pulling visitors with them.

Project location:


Project size:

5,000 sq. ft.


Where do we begin…

A kinetic welcome awaits

Brand strength

A branded welcome is behind the double doors of the office entrance. Curved light boxes draw guests and residents through to the grand atrium, filled with natural daylight. The Porsche Taycan and iconic 911 Turbo race you through the corridors to the bespoke Porsche Platz coffee shop.

More space

For meetings, huddles or getaways

The undercroft area was an awkward space that felt like a dead end. The new design creates a space that has visual privacy whilst maintaining connectivity with the atrium. Bespoke timber slats support the lit Porsche logo with a 10 person meeting space beyond for video conferencing, huddles or a place to just getaway.

Connecting with retail

Stunning details throughout

Porscheplatz coffee shops are being introduced to all Porsche showrooms, to connect with the retail and consumer side of the business an version was designed, handmade and installed around the staircase to form the social hub of the ground floor.

Functional planting

Makes a big difference

Planting is used throughout the office to provide privacy in both client facing and office space areas. Many of the staff have come from larger, static work environments and also private offices. The use of storage and planting provides more secluded work spaces throughout the open plan office for focus when needed.

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