Brief overview

The new K2 headquarters in Guildford are a testament to the close collaboration between our in house workplace specialists, brand designers, furniture consultants and the client. The finished spaced is one that provides a huge amount of flexibility to the staff, partners and international guests. From the moment you arrive, visitors to the space are taken on a brand journey throughout the space following a lit blue line that stretches for over 200m.

Project location:


Project size:

8,000 sq. ft.


Where do we begin…

Branded detail

12 degrees

From the moment you arrive in the K2 office you know you are in for a treat. The planted wall sits at an angle that leads you to the social space. This is the first angle of many within the floor. Each wall, floor transition and ceiling details are built at 12 degrees. The same 12 degrees that is part of the K2 logo slant.

The heart of the office

Outside space

In addition to the agile work environment, staff lounge and dining space there is a triple aspect roof terrace complete with music and a bbq for entertaining late into the night.

This space is feature rich

Stunning details throughout

Nearly 1.5km of timber slat work delivered to the 5th floor space to create seductive screening and a tunnel to the glorious summit all hands space. A high end boardroom hides behind a hidden door in the brick work whilst other meeting rooms are filled with natural daylight.

Functional planting

Makes a big difference

Planting is used throughout the office to provide privacy in both client facing and office space areas. Many of the staff have come from larger, static work environments and also private offices. The use of storage and planting provides more secluded work spaces throughout the open plan office for focus when needed.

How The Project Was Received
We don’t have a quote to go here, but we did see the client cry with joy. So that’s a pretty good response…

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